How It Works

How do I use the ebook?

The product is available for download In adobe PDF format so you can print it out as a book or keep it on your computer. You can download adobe PDF reader for Free. By viewing the activity Sheet you can see at a glance drills that are separated into categories such as Forms, Basics, Balance, Games, etc.. Each activity is then categorized into Striking or Grappling Art, Name of the drill, Age group it is used for, an average time frame for completion, the size of the class you could use it in, the training equipment you would need, and the student’s recommended skill level. The index has detailed description, videos, and pictures. Its easy!

Will these drills work with my style?

These drills are designed to work with any style, in any school. Any drill can be modified to fit your style and most descriptions include suggestions for modifications. We teach just about any style at our schools so you have nothing to worry about.

What is considered a Striking Art or Grappling art?

Striking arts would be considered, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Kung Fu, etc.. Grappling arts would be considered Aikido, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Small circle Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling etc..

Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, it is a one time purchase.

Can I use the same file on multiple devices at the same time? Such as on my ipad, office computer, phone, etc..

Yes, as long as the device belongs to you.

I didn’t receive an email with the download instructions!!!

Check your spam/junk folder for an email.

Am I buying a bunch of videos that are already free on youtube?

No. We have some sample videos on our youtube channel, but 99% of the videos are not public.

I see some drills are pictures and some are videos?

About 85-90% of the drills are videos while the remaining 10-15% are photos. The reason we used photos for some is that they were incredibly simple to explain through a written description and photos alone.

Do some drills repeat themselves in each volume?

The striking and grappling volume each contain a section called “conditioning” where there are many conditioning drills that could be done with either striking or grappling so we put those drills in both volumes. They do not count towards the 650+ drill total, and maybe around 20% are duplicated in both volumes. It was done this way for convenience and because it made logical sense. Trust me, you will get more than your money’s worth of content.

Do I need an internet connection? Can I download the videos for offline use?

You don’t need an internet connection to view the written descriptions and photos which are enough to understand the drills. If you intend to watch the videos you will need an internet connection to do so and that is recommended. If you insisted upon downloading each video directly you could do so, but that would be over 500 gigs of videos and probably wouldn’t fit on your computer hard drive- much less an ipad that holds 16-32gigs. We do not recommend it.

Why aren’t the links working on my iphone/ipad?

As of typing this; when you try to open the file directly from your apple mail account it defaults to opening in some way strange preview mode that doesn’t allow you to use links. Download the file and open it that way as the links will not work in the mail preview. Easy fix.

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